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BF Direct Roving Series 826

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BF Direct Roving Series 826

The basalt fiber direct roving of our company adopts the new pool kiln wire-drawing and is directly formed by 2400 hole large bushing.
 The basalt fiber direct roving is of high tensile strength, high elastic modulus, good thermal endurance, chemical resistance and electrical insulating property after using the homogenized basalt material. 
The product performance is excellent, the quality is stable, and the coefficient of dispersion is low.
General products are suitable for pultrusion, winding, weaving process, the production of basalt fiber reinforced plastics (BFRP), pultruded frofiles, winding pipelines, bi-directional fabric, mesh fabric, multi-axial fabric and so on. Good compatibility with UP, EP and VE systems.

Good mechanical properties, well compatible with resin
Excellent heat resistance & Good thermal insulation
Good chemical corrosion resistance
Minimum fuzz

[Technical Specifications]

Storage requirements:
1. Keep in a dry, cool place to prevent moisture.
2.Recommend to maintain indoor temperature balance.
3.Keep in the original package before use.
Note: If you have special requirements, please contact us.
Product yarn withdrawal mode:  internal or external 
Packaging information: Each fiber roll is wrapped in a heat-shrinkable or stretch film and then placed on a pallet or carton.