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About Qianyi

Sichuan Qianyi composite material Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Qianyi") was established in January 2019, with a registered capital of 105 million yuan and an area of 187000 m2. It is a company specializing in the production of high-performance continuous basalt fiber and deep processing products. The company designs six basalt continuous fiber production lines, with a production capacity of 120000 tons, and has become a world-class basalt continuous fiber production base.

Qianyi company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sichuan pawoke mineral fiber products Co., Ltd. Pavoc company was founded on July 19, 2011. It is mainly engaged in the production of continuous basalt fiber and basalt centrifugal fiber cotton. It has a comprehensive layout of basalt fiber raw materials, testing and high-end basic materials. It has Guang'an Jiayi basalt raw materials technology Co., Ltd. (raw materials), Sichuan Helian basalt fiber Technology Co., Ltd. (testing services), and the company has established a comprehensive management system of basalt fiber raw materials, testing and high-end basic materials Sichuan Qianyi composite materials Co., Ltd. (high-end basic materials), Sichuan Huaxuan New Material Technology Co., Ltd. (mineral fiber raw material technology development), Sichuan Bassett High Tech Co., Ltd. (high performance composite materials manufacturing and service) strive to become the most competitive one-stop manufacturing service enterprise of continuous basalt fiber with R & D, production and application in the world.