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Basalt fiber cloth

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Basalt fiber cloth

Basalt fiber cloth


The basalt fiber cloth of our company adopts twisted or untwisted basalt continuous fibers as raw materials, and is woven with plain, twill and satin weaves. Divided into unidirectional cloth, bidirectional cloth and multi-directional cloth. Relying on the temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength and modulus, and electrical insulation of basalt fiber, it is processed by hand lay-up, pultrusion, autoclave, vacuum introduction, winding, resin transfer and other processes, combined with unsaturated polyester resin (UP) or epoxy resin (EP), used in bridge construction, wind turbine blades, boats, automobiles, sports equipment and other fields.


high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, excellent physical and chemical properties

high strength, small thickness,good flexibility

, parallel and straightening yarn, excellent mechanical properties

more direction mechanical performance can design according to the actual need freedom enhancement effect

Technical Specifications]
BF:basalt fiber
B: bi-axial
P:  plain
T:  twill
linear density

Note: roll weight, gram weight and warp density can be adjusted according to customer demand.

Storage: It should be stored in a dry and cool place with recommended temperature of 15-35℃ and relative humidity of 30-70%. Please do not open the package unless you not use it , avoid moisture.

Packing information: The whole roll of basalt fiber cloth is wound on a paper core or plastic tube, and can be made into various widths according to customer needs. After curling, it is covered with a polyethylene plastic bag according to customer needs, you can choose the corresponding carton transportation or stacking to the pallet for transportation. The carton is placed horizontally on the pallet and fixed with the pallet with a belt.