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Huaying City of Guang'an to build "basaltbasaltbasalt

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Huaying City of Guang'an to build
On September 18, the signing ceremony of cooperation agreement on scientific and technological achievements transformation and talent cooperation project was held at the opening ceremony of Sichuan Provincial academician of the Academy of innovation driven development of Sichuan Province. Sichuan pavoko mineral fiber products Co., Ltd., from Huaying City, Guang'an, and academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences Liu Jiaqi, researcher of Institute of Geology and Geophysics of Chinese Academy of Sciences, signed the cooperation agreement on the preparation and research of raw materials of electric insulating basalt fiber and its industrialization demonstration project.

The project involves 2.48 billion yuan. It will carry out the research on raw material formula of electric insulating basalt fiber, automation and intelligent production process development, and industrialization of basalt fiber and its products. It is the second largest project involving cooperation amount in the signed project on the same day. Liu Jiaqi hopes that through joint efforts, Huaying's basalt fiber production and research and development can reach the international leading level and build a production, research and development, talent training and international exchange base.

Under the guidance of "scientific research + industry", the "small stone" sleeping in Huaying Mountain is promoting the construction of Guangan Huaying City to build China's "basalt fiber industry city".


Make basalt new material industry become lever of high quality development of Guang'an industry

Huaying is rich in mineral resources, known as "East Sichuan coal capital". Relying on coal and cement, Huaying has become an important industrial city in East Sichuan. However, with the depletion of coal resources and the desire for high-quality development, while vigorously developing electronic information industry, Huaying has focused on basalt on Huaying Mountain, and made use of basalt resources with reserves of 200 million tons to create a new basalt fiber material industry.

Why basalts are in phase? The main leaders of Huaying City believe that the development of a region cannot rely on an industry, and it is necessary to walk on "multi legs". It is one of the choices to develop basalt fiber new material industry by using the unique resources endowment.

Basalt fiber is a key product of strategic emerging industries in China during the 13th five year plan. Sichuan Province has incorporated basalt fiber and other emerging industrial materials into the "5 + 1" modern industrial system, accelerated the transformation to advanced materials and made efforts to strengthen the capacity of resource development and utilization. Compared with developed areas, Guang'an has the advantage of first-mover“ After the breakthrough and scale of basalt new material industry, it will become a lever to promote the high-quality development of Guang'an industry. " The relevant head of Guang'an City thinks.

From the perspective of market prospect, basalt fiber is known as a green industrial material in the 21st century. The basalt ore is formed after high temperature melting and drawing. It has many excellent properties such as high elastic modulus and tensile strength, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, acid alkali resistance, flame retardant, heat insulation and sound absorption, and is widely used in aerospace, marine engineering, rail transit, light manufacturing 12 fields, such as petrochemical industry.

From the perspective of resource endowment, the basalt ore in Huaying Mountain is not only large in reserves, but also distributed in the surface of the geology, and the mining difficulty is low. It is also a volcanic fissure rock with excellent quality, which is very suitable for the industrialization of basalt fiber.

Consensus quickly turned into action. In 2011, Sichuan pavoko mineral fiber products Co., Ltd. settled in Huaying, and the Huaying basalt fiber industry started. At the Guang'an industrial and economic conference held in November 2018, basalt fiber industry was incorporated into the "341" modern industrial system of Guang'an City, and the opinions on accelerating the development of new basalt fiber material industry were issued. In the same month, Huaying City and Sichuan Qianyi composite material Co., Ltd signed the agreement on the production project of new basalt homogenization, (pool kiln) continuous fiber and wet felt. The total investment of the project was 2.48 billion yuan, which promoted the development of Guang'an basalt fiber from rock wool fiber to continuous fiber.


The first 2400 hole leakage plate drawing intelligent tank kiln production line is put into operation

On July 1, the first intelligent production line of 2400 hole and leakage plate drawing of basalt fiber and the ignition and production ceremony of 60000 tons of basalt raw material homogenization production line were held in Huaying, marking that the manufacturing technology of 2400 hole leaky plate furnace wire drawing of Guang'an basalt fiber has achieved leapfrog development in basalt fiber industry and has been in the forefront of the world. After the new basalt fiber direct yarn is put into operation, it will be widely used in the fields of new infrastructure, marine engineering, aerospace, manufacturing lightweight and so on.

The head of the National 863 project basalt continuous fiber and its composite material production and application group introduced that this is the first time that 2400 hole leaky plate pit furnace wire drawing technology has been broken through in the industry. The output of a 1200 hole plate is less than 0.6 tons per day, while that of a 2400 hole plate will exceed 1.5 tons per day“ Now, the industry is generally tackling 1200 hole plate drawing technology. Compared with the above, 2400 hole plate drawing technology will effectively reduce the production cost, labor cost and energy consumption of enterprises, and also improve the production efficiency. "

At present, Huaying City has successfully broken through the bottleneck of optimizing components and homogenization of basalt fiber raw materials, pool kiln wire drawing melting technology, 2400 hole large leakage plate wire drawing stabilization process, high quality direct yarn product process, etc., and has created the first raw material aerodynamics pulverization homogenization technology and basaltic rock ore big data analysis formula stability homogenization technology, The production technology and technical standard of basalt fiber large leakage plate drawing pool kiln method with independent intellectual property rights have been established.

Recently, eight industry-renowned experts led by Liu Jiaqi organized the first appraisal meeting of Sichuan Qianyi composite Co., Ltd. basalt continuous fiber demonstration production line. Through rigorous review, the experts agreed that the production equipment, process technology and product performance indexes of the project have reached the international leading level.

"This production line of Sichuan Qianyi is the first in China in the fields of homogenization of raw materials, equipment selection, 2400 hole and intelligent drawing technology of leaky plate, and has reached the international leading level." Liu said that this marks a breakthrough in the research and research and market development of basalt fiber industry in Guang'an, which will accelerate the Guang'an basalt fiber industry to move towards the goal of "world-class and domestic leading".

According to ye Guangdou, a professor of Sichuan University, the project has achieved breakthroughs in at least three aspects: the homogenization of raw materials has achieved a great breakthrough; The intelligent manufacturing equipment of basalt fiber tank kiln has originality. In the aspect of structure design of the basin kiln, 2400 hole leakage plate drawing is the world leader; Compared with the domestic and foreign counterparts, the technology has achieved a leap, breaking through the homogenization equipment and key technical bottleneck of the melting body of the tank kiln.


Relying on resource advantage, using wisdom and strength to concentrate on key issues

The time returned to 2019, when Huaying basalt industry was initially taking shape. The rock wool fiber produced by Sichuan pavoko mineral fiber products Co., Ltd. accounted for 80% of the market in Sichuan and Chongqing.

However, Guang'an and Huaying Party committees and governments have clearly realized that the market share of Huaying basalt is derived from the advantage of first mover. If the first advantage is not converted into technical advantage, it will be difficult to continue. Therefore, we need to concentrate on technical research and promote Huaying basalt industry to move forward from early rock wool products to raw material homogenization and continuous fiber raw wire production.

In March, 2019, the main leaders of Guang'an Municipal Committee visited Huaying for investigation, and established an industry promotion group at Guang'an municipal level, established a special class on R & D production and marketing, and promoted the development of Guang'an basalt fiber industry into the "fast lane".

Around the industrial chain, the city of Guang'an has actively set up scientific research platform and innovation cooperation mechanism. In January, Guang'an City formed a strategic alliance of "5 + 1" for the innovation and development of Guang'an basalt fiber industry with Peking University, Tsinghua University, Beijing University of technology, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China University of Geology and Chinese Academy of Sciences. We have established deep cooperation relations with 10 universities including Shanghai Jiaotong University, Tongji University and Southeast University, successfully established the west part center of national basalt Engineering Center, provincial technology laboratory for homogenization control of basalt fiber raw materials, provincial basalt fiber manufacturing innovation center and the first batch of academicians (experts) Industrial Park in the province, and established academician workstation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences liujiaqi Academician Liu Jiande workstation of European Academy of Sciences has gathered the top domestic scientific research resources, which provides strong talent and technical support for the research and research of basalt industry.

In addition, Guang'an has established Sichuan basalt fiber new material Research Institute (Innovation Center), which is responsible for coordinating the market and material research direction, organizing scientific researchers to carry out basalt fiber material application and research and development, cooperating with relevant research institutions, organizing and holding an international technology summit of basalt fiber in China every two years in Guang'an to shape brand summit, Responsible for production cooperation and marketing of basalt fiber and its products.

With the implementation of a series of measures, the key technologies of Huaying basalt continuous fiber pool kiln production line "breaking ice" have solved the problems that have troubled the development of basalt fiber industry for a long time. It has realized the homogenization of basalt continuous fiber raw materials, pool kiln, standardization, intelligence, green production and product series production, and promoted the basalt continuous fiber industry to a new stage.


Promote Guang'an basalt fiber industry to become the leading industry in China

In recent years, Yangzhongjia, vice president of Sichuan basalt fiber New Materials Research Institute (Innovation Center), visited Deyang and Dazhou frequently to understand the development of basalt industry in other places in the province. Yang said Huaying is planning to lead the formation of Sichuan basalt industry alliance, and work with other cities and states to find out the basalt resources of the province, and promote the integration of basalt fiber new material industry into Chengdu Chongqing material industry cluster development and form international competitiveness.

While going out, Huaying is also continuing to practice "internal skill" and plan to build a new basalt material industrial park. Tangkebin, deputy director of Huaying economic and Information Bureau, said that Huaying planned to build an industrial park with 2000 mu of land. Next, it will attract investment along the chain and attract enterprises using basalt fiber to the park, striving to form more than 10billion yuan of output value.

Next, Guang'an will also focus on the construction of Basalt Fiber Research Institute, standard system formulation and industrial park construction "three major projects" closely around the development goal of "world-class and domestic leading". To seek support from relevant parties, and establish Basalt Fiber Research Institute (Industrial Innovation Center) of CAS in Guang'an; Establish national basalt product quality inspection and testing center, and formulate basalt fiber industry standards; We will build an industrial park with basalt fiber products as the pillar, accelerate the construction of the first 1500 mu basalt fiber professional park, and strive to build it into a national basalt fiber industrial park.

The goals are clear and the future is more predictable. According to the "three-step" development path of basalt fiber new material industry formulated by Guang'an: in 2020, it is planned to build and put into operation 3500 tons of continuous fiber tank kiln production line and 60000 tons raw material homogenization production line; By 2023, the capacity of raw silk and reinforced materials will be expanded to 60000 tons, and the capacity of raw material homogenization production line will be expanded to 120000 tons. More than 10 composite enterprises will be introduced along the chain, with the output value exceeding RMB 5billion; By 2025, the capacity of raw silk and reinforced materials will be expanded to 120000 tons, and the capacity of raw material homogenization production line will be expanded to 240000 tons, and the industrial output value will be more than RMB 10 billion( Wansang)