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Huaying, Guang'an: focus on Industrial Development

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Huaying, Guang'an: focus on Industrial Development
"To strengthen the city through industry and enrich the people through agriculture, Huaying City should focus on industrial development and accelerate the new steps of enriching the people and strengthening the city..." on the afternoon of March 10, Li Jianqin, Secretary of Guang'an municipal Party committee, went to Huaying City to investigate and supervise the "good start" and forest fire prevention and extinguishing work in the first quarter, so as to find out the pulse and direction of the city's industrial development, promote high-quality development, ensure a good start of the "14th five year plan" and promote sustainable development Take a good step and put forward clear requirements.

Where is the biggest risk point of forest fire prevention? What measures have been taken? At the fire prevention spot at the junction of yueliangpo village and shanmenkou village, Lushi Town, Huaying City, Li Jianqin watched the forest fire prevention operation map in detail and asked about the relevant situation. Li Jianqin immediately issued a "combat order" for fire prevention and fighting when he learned that the main risk points of forest fire were going to the mountain and grave, tourists carrying kindling into the forest area privately, and the long line of power transmission and transformation through the forest area before and after the Qingming Festival. He asked all relevant departments at all levels to immediately enter the state of being on the verge of war, to wake up ideologically, to do a good job in action, and to overcome paralysis and fluke mentality, We should firmly weave a protective net and build a "firewall" to safeguard the safety of people's lives and property; We should pay close attention to the key time point of Qingming Festival, increase publicity, advocate civilized sacrifice and safe sweeping, resolutely put an end to the fire source into the mountain, and strengthen the control of outdoor fire behavior such as sacrifice; To ensure that the fire source does not enter the forest, the fire type does not go up the mountain, and the journey can be traced back, we should firmly guard the entrance to the forest and fully implement the "fire prevention code"; We should further strengthen the investigation of forest fire hazards, increase the rectification of hidden dangers of power transmission lines, carry out regular inspections, actively renovate forest roads, broaden forest road networks, and open up fire barriers. At the same time, it is necessary to focus on the establishment of forest fire prevention team, equipment configuration and training work, equip and strengthen professional forces, improve the comprehensive prevention and control ability and fire fighting level, and ensure rapid response and scientific and safe disposal in case of fire.

Pear mountain "shop snow", clusters of blooming pear flowers, such as snowflakes, rolling light“ This honey pear tastes good. Welcome to Guang'an to enjoy the flowers and fruits. " When I came to the Guang'an mili base in yueliangpo village, Lushi Town, Huaying City, I met the tourists who came to enjoy the flowers. Li Jianqin "brought the goods" on the spot and extended a sincere invitation to them. Listen to the introduction, see the quality, ask the sales volume... Li Jianqin encourages the owners to focus on the honey pear industry, firm their confidence in development, and make the enterprise bigger and stronger. He stressed that as one of the "three fist" products of modern agriculture in Guangan City, after more than two years of development, the honey pear industry has gradually become large-scale, but there is still a lot of room for improvement. Huaying City should further emancipate its mind, adhere to the development idea of "one county, one characteristic", adhere to the concept of "doing a few small things a year, and doing a big thing in a few years", build a base, create a brand, and do processing work, so as to promote the honey pear industry to become a large and good industry to comprehensively promote the Rural Revitalization. We should carefully work out the development plan of honey pear industry in the 14th five year plan, strengthen the promotion and planting of honey pear, and enlarge the scale of planting base. Learn from the good practices and experience of Guang'an longan pomelo and other industrial development, strive to build the brand of Guang'an honey pear, and ensure the good fruit selling price. The industrial development and rural tourism should be organically integrated, and the honey pear base should be planned and constructed from a high starting point and high grade, so as to attract tourists from all walks of life to enjoy flowers and fruits.

As an industry personally planned and promoted by the Secretary of the municipal Party committee, Li Jianqin insisted on going to the front-line investigation and supervision, solving problems and promoting work of the enterprise every quarter. Under the supervision of this investigation, Li Jianqin once again went to Sichuan Qianyi composite materials Co., Ltd. to put forward requirements for the development of basalt fiber industry. He stressed that we should grasp projects, policies and funds in the spirit of nailing a nail, and actively report to the relevant ministries and departments of the state and the departments directly under the provincial government to strive for more support with the attitude of "running at the beginning and sprinting at the beginning". We should take the initiative to borrow wisdom from colleges and universities and scientific research institutes, and provide strong support for industrial development by inviting talents to take temporary posts. Actively docking with the national manufacturing industry transformation and upgrading fund, promoting the "national brand" fund to add new impetus to the development of basalt fiber industry in Guang'an. At the same time, we should strive for GaN Yong, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and director of the national new material industry development expert advisory committee, to set up an academician workstation in Guang'an, further strengthen the technical research of basalt fiber industry, and ensure that the "small stone" will become a "big industry".