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Extending the industrial chain, formulating industrial ...

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Extending the industrial chain, formulating industrial ...

Extending the industrial chain, formulating industrial standards and preparing for the first international summit

On March 10, workers in Huayingshan Economic Development Zone, Sichuan Qianyi composite material Co., Ltd., are orderly installing and commissioning basalt granular material production line equipment.

Panyiqing, vice general manager of the company, has a plan: by the end of April, the equipment of long fiber reinforced thermoplastic material production line is installed in place; Before the end of June, the production line of granular material was completed and put into trial operation; Before the end of December, the equipment ordering of basalt fiber products production line such as wet felt and short cut felt was completed.

According to panyiqing, in order to expand and strengthen basalt fiber industry, the company has invested 10.5 million yuan to add a new granular material production line based on the existing production line of 3 rock wool, 3 composite bars, 1 composite profile and 1 far-infrared heating plate. The production line of granular material mainly uses raw silk as raw material to produce let granular material. After putting into operation, 300-500 tons of raw silk will be consumed every year. Let granular material is mainly used for automobile lightweight structure and decoration parts, with annual output value of RMB 50-100million and annual tax of 9-12 million yuan“ The production line of granular material further lengthens the development chain of basalt fiber industry. " Pan said.

The let granular material produced by basalt fiber raw wire has the characteristics of high strength, strong impact resistance and recyclable utilization, which is widely favored by automobile production industry. "In terms of impact resistance, let granular material has been twice or three times higher than traditional materials." Pan said.

Panyiqing clearly remembers that on March 8, Gan Yong, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and director of the National Expert Advisory Committee on the development of new materials industry, said that Guang'an should seize major strategic opportunities, give full play to the talent advantages of the "5+1" strategic alliance, innovate the system and mechanism, supplement the short board and strengthen the long board, We will further strengthen technical research, continuously improve the development, utilization and protection level of basalt resources, and further expand and strengthen basalt fiber industry“ So we have to speed up the process. " Pan said.

In addition to the new production line, the company is also committed to the development of basalt standard system. At the beginning of this year, the company carried out scientific and technological innovation of 2400 hole leakage plate drawing intelligent pool kiln demonstration production line, "at present, three enterprise standards have been preliminarily formulated, and the test and improvement are being carried out." Pan said.

"Academician Ganyong also emphasized the need to promote the development of basalt fiber industry standards." At present, Guang'an basalt fiber industry has applied for 83 patents and 46 authorized patents, panyiqing said; It has participated in the preparation of 18 national, industrial and local standards, and is planning to formulate the standard system of basalt fiber industry.

If you have good materials, you can fry good dishes.

Driven by production and technology, it is also very important to connect the development, design and application of basalt fiber with the needs of users. Xuanhai Technology (Hainan) Co., Ltd., established in October last year, is mainly responsible for the development of basalt fiber and its composite materials in the marine field in Hainan, Guangdong, Guangxi and South Fujian.

The government is also involved in the efforts of enterprises“ This year, the first international summit on basalt fiber industry will be held to realize the docking of supply and demand of basalt fiber industry, and provide an opportunity for dialogue international for basalt fiber industry in our city. " Lu Kai, chief engineer of Huaying economic and Information Bureau, introduced that at present, the bureau is investigating global basalt fiber and its downstream production enterprises and scientific research institutions to improve the preparation plan( Huaying reporter station travel to the whole media of Qingguang'an daily, kangjianlin)